Carnegie Hall

Donor & Artist Recognition

We undertook and developed the creation of a donor wall for Carnegie Hall. The design features one-inch thick glass adorned with etched gold lettering, symbolizing the dynamic change within Carnegie Hall. The reflective surface invites artists and donors to pause and recognize their place in the Hall’s impressive history.

The donor wall is more than static recognition; it’s a living testament to the enduring partnership between the Hall and its supporters. Integrated artist images and donor lettering in surrounding spaces as well as in the café create an immersive experience, celebrating Carnegie Hall’s ongoing symphony of creativity and generosity.

Within the fusion of material, design, and purpose, the donor wall shines as an embodiment of artistic and philanthropic collaboration and serves as a space where patrons become cherished parts of the institute’s timeless legacy.


  • Carnegie Hall


  • New York, NY

Patrons and artists that have performed at Carnegie Hall are commemorated throughout the Weill Café.

© Durston Saylor Photography
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