255 Tasman

San Jose Coastal Modern

255 Tasman is a technology workplace located within a sprawling three-building campus, encompassing 674,000 square feet in San Jose, California.

The visual language of 225 Tasman draws inspiration from the coastal beauty and sea ranch concept, evoking a sense of tranquility through a soothing blue color palette. The graphics within the space are thoughtfully designed with abstracted forms that seamlessly blend with the architectural narrative of San Jose.

Local San Jose landmarks, scenic hiking trails, and intricate ocean patterns can be discovered throughout four floors of workplace graphics. The elegant line work utilized throughout subtly complements the overall modern coastal architectural motif, creating a harmonious and inspiring workspace.


  • California Tech Client


  • San Jose, CA


A Coastal Modern aesthetic extends to the cafe signage system. The typeface is a customized modern sans serif that works in harmony with the cafe’s charm.

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