Truth Initiative

Non-Profit Workplace

For the D.C. based non-profit, Truth Initiative, we designed workplace graphics that express the organization’s ethos and mission to end tobacco use among teens and young adults. The design focused on transparency, reflecting the organization’s dedication to honest and open communication.

Each floor of the three-floor office space features a unique dot and grid-based pattern. Inspired by the organization’s branding, these patterns provide a unique experience on each floor.

In the center of the office, a three-floor internal staircase showcases Truth Initiative’s mission. Large overlapping transparent letters present a graphic backdrop, ensuring that the organization’s ethos will be clearly visible in photos taken by office visitors. The CEO’s office features floor-to-ceiling dotted glass graphics, a design element that brings a playful interaction of light and shadow to the space.

Recognizing the importance of the organization’s target audience, we infused elements of youth culture into the space. This came to life through wall graphics, grounding the abstract in the realities of the people Truth Initiative aims to reach.


  • Truth Initiative


  • Washington, D.C.


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