Seagram Building

The Power of Great Design

Mies van der Rohe’s architectural masterpiece, The Seagram Building, holds a unique place in history as the first office building in the world to feature extruded bronze on its facade and the inaugural New York City skyscraper to boast floor-to-ceiling windows.

Our long-standing partnership with RFR and enduring work on The Seagram Building underscore our commitment to preserving the integrity of this modern skyscraper as it has evolved over the years.

We pay homage to The Seagram Building’s pioneering use of bronze on its facade through the thoughtful incorporation of bronze accents, a powerful color story woven throughout.

The consistent use of black and white photography maintains the authenticity and legacy of the original architectural details and design. Color photography is introduced into the narrative to highlight RFR’s dedication to its art program and to demonstrate the ongoing relevance of Mies’ visionary design in contemporary times.


  • RFR


  • New York, NY



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