Censorship Free Workplace

In collaboration with Jigsaw, an Alphabet Company, we developed a design rooted in the mission of combating internet censorship. This project is a visual testament to Jigsaw’s pivotal role in supporting the free flow of information on the web.

Drawing upon historical moments of political significance, such as iconic Civil Rights movements and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the design masterfully intertwines these images with Jigsaw’s unwavering commitment to fostering a digital landscape founded on open discourse and freedom of expression.

Throughout the workspace, Jigsaw’s emblematic name and logo resonates seamlessly with the black-and-white brand identity. The incorporation of bright and inviting colors, juxtaposed with impactful content, crafts a dynamic visual landscape that encapsulates the core of Jigsaw’s mission.

In this immersive environment, the interplay of vibrant hues and thought-provoking subject matter offered a poignant reflection of Jigsaw’s relentless pursuit of a more transparent and open digital world.


  • Jigsaw


  • New York, NY


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