Glass graphics with an ocean scene and coral with a dot pattern overlaid

New York Tech Client

Aquatic Workplace

For our New York Tech client, we were inspired by Loren Eiseley’s quote, “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” Our goal was to design an immersive experience using the whimsy and wonder of the deep sea to create graphics that mimicked being underwater.

The glass graphics redefine perspectives on deep-sea creatures, exploring macro and textural details and inviting viewers to look up from the water instead of down. Divided into four quadrants—Coral, Water, Kelp, and Seagrass—the graphics follow the workspace floor plate, each quadrant boasting a unique color and content theme.

This color coding extends to the signage, with different colored letters for each quadrant. Wallcoverings play with textures, featuring sea creatures at various scales and delving into the vastness and density of the deep sea. Shifting dots flow organically through the graphics, evoking a sense of fluid movement.


  • Google


  • New York, NY


Blurred person walking in front of office with ocean themed glass graphics
Detail image of textural green glass graphics with an ADA sign that reads "Drift"
Glass graphics featuring an underwater scene with coral
Dichroic graphics on glass depicting fish
Dichroic graphics on glass depicting fish with a person in a chair using a laptop
Textural blue and violet wall graphic with pops of red. Dot linework layered on top of graphic
Person walking down a hallway. Trash and recycling receptacles on the left, workspace with glass graphics on the right.
Wall graphic in elevator lobby. Graphic is blue with the number "2" large and made up of large dots

In niches along the floor, lit recessed spaces showcase tone-on-tone sea creatures, creating a blend of sophistication and playfulness. We sourced over 50 aquarium figurines, mounted on sandblasted acrylic bases resembling elevated museum displays. Scenes include a Star Wars Easter egg, a race for buried treasure, the SpongeBob Pineapple, and deep-sea divers.

Wall niche with aquatic plants displayed
Detail image of nature nook space

The Nature Nook, a specialty room, serves as a green oasis, bringing the outside in. With growing plants and window-inspired graphics, the design mimics conservatory windows, varying opacities of white ink creating the illusion of different glass styles over time. The space offers privacy for users to relax and disconnect amidst the soothing embrace of nature.

Glass graphics for Aquatic Workplace
Glass graphics for Aquatic Workplace
Glass graphics for Aquatic Workplace
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