Installation for the Chrome Showcase

California Tech Client

Chrome Showcase

For the ChromeOS Experience Center, we envisioned a space where innovation meets immersive experience. Divided into vibrant sectors, this showcase center is more than just a presentation room—it’s a journey into the future of Chrome OS.

Drawing inspiration from the ChromeOS branding, the center adopts a space theme with each sector represented by a color: Technology (Yellow), Healthcare (Blue), Education (Green), and Retail (Red). To guide visitors seamlessly, transparent acrylic icons identify each vignette. These icons signify the area but also allow soft, colored light to diffuse through, enriching the ambiance. We curated specialty graphics for each sector, transforming ordinary objects into extraordinary installations—a giant abacus, custom acrylic book spines that reveal hidden messages, and a bookcase filled with markers to form captivating images.

Architecturally, the center mirrors the sleekness of a space center with its rich black outer walls contrasting the bright white vignette spaces. We embraced a minimalist aesthetic, enhancing the clean atmosphere with strategic pops of color and texture through thin acrylic wall graphics. These graphics, intricately related to each sector, are accented by returns painted in vibrant section colors.


  • California Tech Client


  • San Jose, CA


Wall graphics for the Chrome Showcase
Wall graphics for the Chrome Showcase
Installation for the Chrome Showcase
Wall graphics for the Chrome Showcase
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