Ally Financial

Charlotte Center Disruption Exhibit

The Ally Charlotte Center headquarters champions innovation and trailblazing pioneers throughout history in the reception space as a reminder to all users and visitors that breaking the status quo, redefining expectations, and doing the right thing can leave a lasting mark on the world. The museum-like installation titled “Disruption in Practice,” reinforces Ally as a disruptor by becoming the first online-only bank without any physical branches.

The Ally “a,” centered in the installation, is next to a selection of impactful trailblazers such as the carbon filament bulb and the IBM computer. The grid of illuminated vitrines are surrounded by other white-painted deconstructed inventions. This sophisticated and energetic installation reinforces Ally’s impact on the banking industry and simultaneously invites visitors to study the objects while waiting at reception.


  • Ally Financial


  • Charlotte, NC

Each Ally Truthmark is designed to reflect action words that are associated with the Ally corporate identity such as inspires, revitalizes, reflects, and grows.

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