111 8th Avenue

Internal Stair Placemaking

In an effort to encourage employees to take the stairs rather than relying on elevators, we created a comprehensive floor numbering system spanning seven stairwells in 111 8th Avenue.

The placemaking design serves the practical purpose of aiding navigation while also transforming the stairwells into vibrant and memorable spaces that employees are eager to traverse.

To make the seven stairwells distinctive and identifiable, a unique color was assigned to each, injecting excitement into a typically colorless environment. While a single typeface is utilized throughout, custom type treatments were created for every single landing. In producing custom typography, we were able to carefully design around all architectural obstructions, allowing them to become part of the narrative and providing a unique journey experience for employees.

This project was awarded a Certificate of Typographic Excellence in the Type Directors Club Communication Design Competition.


  • New York Tech Client


  • New York, NY


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