Pernod Ricard

Workplace Lounge Graphics

Drawing inspiration from the spirited essence of renowned brands such as Malibu, Jameson, and Absolut, we have designed a series of bespoke work lounge areas at Pernod Ricard’s headquarters. Each space is infused with the distinct narratives of conviviality, heritage, and refinement that these brands represent. From the sun-kissed, carefree ambiance of a Malibu beach bar to the rich, woody comforts of a Jameson tavern, and the polished sophistication of an upscale cocktail lounge, these areas invite employees to relax and savor their revitalized work environment.

At the heart of the office, a striking installation of metallic silver silhouettes of Pernod Ricard’s most iconic bottles acts as both a visual centerpiece and a hub for conversation. This design feature creates a narrative tapestry that honors the brand’s legacy while fostering a sense of exploration and camaraderie among the workforce.


  • New York, NY
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