North American Headquarters

Panasonic’s North American headquarters, a 12-story space, was design to transcend the ordinary, spark imagination, foster innovation, and encourage a dialogue between the present and the past.

Embarking on this exciting project, our mission was twofold: to create a space that is both visually stimulating and deeply meaningful, and to inspire Panasonic’s dedicated team to see their work as part of a broader narrative of human innovation.

Drawing upon the legacy of history’s most pioneering innovators, we introduced an overt and tangible visual vocabulary that speaks to the transformative power of technology. Each floor of the building pays homage to a different inventor—from Marie Curie to Thomas Edison—inviting employees to draw connections between these historical figures and their own roles at Panasonic. The walls are adorned with collages of patent drawings, rendered in unique color palettes assigned to each floor. The result is an immersive, dynamic environment that encourages employees to see their work in a new light, and to feel connected to a long lineage of disruptors and visionaries.


  • Panasonic


  • Newark, NJ