Pausa Cafe

New York Tech Client

Pausa is a neighborhood Italian cafe that encourages guests to enjoy a leisurely and balanced meal in a bright, airy atmosphere with a residential feel. Our task was to translate the existing brand elements into integrated signage and complement the architectural palette consisting of earth tones like terracotta, warm woods, and accents of brass.

The illuminated Pausa logo reflects off the fluted terracotta wall to create a warm welcome at the cafe’s entrance. Inside the space, a collection of carefully designed signs seamlessly integrate with the environment. A custom working clock hangs over the entrance to the pasta station and brings the logo to life in a new way. A spinning coffee icon identifies the nearby espresso bar using the same circular motif and brass finish. A wayfinding sign continues with the brass detailing and adds a pop of crisp white behind the raised lettering.


  • New York Tech Client


  • New York, NY
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