Print design for May Mobility.

May Mobility

Autonomous Vehicle Branding

May Mobility is run by systems-level thinkers who are looking at every aspect of the end-to-end transportation experience. Their brand helps convey trust, integrity and a forward-looking paradigm on the fast moving transportation landscape.

The circular green logo, emphasizing their commitment to environmental best practices, can be seen on self-driving vehicles in urban city centers across the country.

In this design partnership, we worked hand in hand with May Mobility to translate their core values and innovative spirit into a brand that not only reflects their commitment to excellence but also drives transformative change in the realm of transportation.


  • May Mobility


  • Ann Arbor, Michigan


May Mobility smart car wrap.
Digital website design in desktop, tablet, and mobile format for May Mobility.
May Mobility logo gif.
May Mobility Business Cards
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