Graham Hanson Design 20|20

Twenty Years | Twenty Projects

For over 25 years, we have produced award-winning results across a variety of disciplines for clients including Rockefeller Center, Carnegie Hall, Google, and The Smithsonian Institution. This carefully-curated monograph showcases twenty of our most important projects during the first 20 years of our design journey, illustrating our aptitude for designing experiences that improve people’s ability to navigate and engage with spaces.

“20|20” is a testament to our transformative design and creative problem-solving. The monograph’s 192-pages embody the full scope of our expertise in environmental graphics, signage, wayfinding, branding, print, and more, while presenting a holistic view of our rigorous and methodical approach to design.

With a foreword written by architect, writer, and critic Roger Yee, an introduction by design educator Jeff Bellantoni, and an afterward written by our founder, Graham Hanson, this book showcases our body of work and the impact we have had in the design world.


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