Book for Cohen Film Collection.

Cohen Film Collection

Cataloging Cinema

Formed in 2008, the Cohen Media Group has curated a portfolio of respected and award-winning films. We designed a robust web experience, in addition to producing a range of collateral for both the Cohen Media Group and the Cohen Film Collection.

The designs for the Cohen Film Collection are designed to reflect the timeless quality of the films within their extensive library. The black-and-white color palette, inspired by the collection’s classic films, imparts a nostalgic aesthetic. This is balanced with clean typography and grid, creating a modern look and feel. The film stills serve as the focal point of the design, underscoring the richness of the collection.


  • Cohen Film Collection


  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New York, NY


Book for Cohen Film Collection.
Opened dust jacket revealing hard cover Cohen Film Collection Book.
Individual pages of Cohen Film Collection Book.
Spine and cover of Cohen Film Collection Book.
Opened spread of Cohen Film Collection Book.
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