Ad Council

Branded Workplace

In celebration of the Ad Council’s remarkable 75-year journey and longstanding contribution to public service, we were tasked with infusing their mission and new brand perspective into their New York City headquarter office.

Inspired by the Ad Council’s extensive archives, the branded workplace was designed to seamlessly merge their legacy with a forward-looking narrative. Vintage campaign typography and imagery was thoughtfully curated from different chapters of the Ad Council’s illustrious history to embody the essence of their mission and core values: compassion, empathy, and impact. Through abstraction, these images visually unite the old and the new, serving as a powerful symbol within the broader narrative that unfolds throughout the office.

The interplay of evocative imagery and captivating messaging connects cause and emotion, creating a dynamic story that focuses on the significance of each individual to produce a lasting impact.


  • New York, NY


Hat wall installation for Ad Council
Wall graphics for Ad Council
Neon wall installation and wall graphic for Ad Council
Wooden wall graphic for Ad Council
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