Typographic Excellence

GHD has been awarded a Certificate of Typographic Excellence in the Type Directors Club Communication Design Competition. Our typographic wayfinding system, for a large technology company in New York, was developed to encourage employees to use the stairs.

Graphis Exhibition: San Francisco

GHD was honored to have our iconic neon sign included among such amazing design masters at the Graphis Exhibition in San Francisco this weekend.

Pause and Reflection

Our team values taking time for reflection and pause periodically in order to energize and rejuvenate our work approach. For the fourteenth year in a row, GHD engaged in an overnight retreat in the Hudson Valley to do just that. Themes of inspiration and collaboration led our time together with the help of Seung Chan […]

Found Typography

There’s no such thing as too much type inspo. We love this metal stamped article found in a San Francisco thrift shop.

Seattle Signage

Our site visit to Seattle sent us home with a spectrum of inspiring neon signage.

Take a Walk!

The hiking theme of our Virginia project is transporting us onto lush, green hiking trails. GHD Tip: A break away from the screen spurs the best ideas, take a walk!