GHD Partner @ WMU

GHD Partner, Nico Raddatz, was recognized as a distinguished alumni from Western Michigan University. He spent last week at his alma mater’s design department giving a lecture, hosting a workshop, and reviewing senior thesis projects.

Team Celebration

In celebration of our team completing the design phase of our largest project to date, we enjoyed a guided chocolate tasting. Thank you Delysia Chocolate for this fun and tasty experience!

Code Next

Our work with HLW for Google Code Next was selected as a finalist for the 2021 Interior Design Competition!

2020 Team favorites

In the countdown to 2021, we’re featuring the GHD team’s favorite designs from 2020!

Virtual Retreat

GHD annual retreat, gone virtual! A special thanks to The Met Museum for a virtual tour of their About Time exhibit and Sculpd for their hands-on clay tutorial.


Our #WorkplaceWednesday pays homage to NYC’s skyline views and its history of tallest buildings. Architectural details, rarely seen up close, were deconstructed, patterned, and laid over photographic imagery.