Clay Collaboration

Our San Francisco team is putting the finishing glazes on a new pottery installation, using pieces from artists around the bay area. Who doesn’t love hands-on collaboration with a new material?

Honor 911

September 11, a day to remember, honor, and mourn those we’ve lost. We are grateful to have been involved in projects that help honor the legacy of the victims and the first responders.

ACP Tenth Anniversary

On October 24, American Corporate Partners marked ten years of service of assisting American veterans in returning to the civilian workforce. We are proud to have been a part of ACP’s first ten years and we wish them the best moving forward into their second decade.  

A graphic encouraging viewers to vote on Tuesday November 6, 2018.

Vote Tuesday Nov 6, 2018

GHD strongly encourages and supports the power of voting and is opening late tomorrow to allow our employees extra time to exercise their influence on the future of America.

The Rock Center Fall Food Festival!

The Rock Eats Fall Food Festival continues today from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm on Rockefeller Plaza, featuring event graphics by GHD! Check out some of the Rockefeller Center restaurants and experience something out of the ordinary to spice up your Friday lunch hour.