Sky Harbour

The Sky Harbour brand was carefully crafted by our team to evoke the idea takeoff and upward movement — recognizing our client’s state of the art business in jet-based solutions. The wordmark references the angularity of airplane features and was built upon a bold structure and intricate connection. Project assets include stationery, a website, an […]

COPIC Markers

These vibrant, versatile markers are a perfect addition to the work-from-home tool kit. We had so much fun working with COPIC and the Annabelle Breakey photography team to bring these expressive products to life on the pages of their printed sales materials!

Black Lives Matter

Nothing can adequately convey the gravity and importance of the history of pervasive racial injustice in our country. GHD fully and unequivocally denounces the injustices of violence against Black people – most recently, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. In times of injustice, to be silent is to be complicit. GHD acknowledges that we […]

New York Tough

New Yorkers, let’s wear the mask not only for ourselves, but for the safety and respect of others. For our families, friends, neighbors, first responders, nurses, and doctors. Thanks to all of the heroes keeping us safe, from all of us at GHD. #NewYorkTough

Natural Inspiration

We appreciate the outdoors more than ever these days! Take a look at our graphics celebrating the beautiful landscapes and natural materials of California for our undisclosed tech client.

SEGD’s Branded Environment

Our team is making an effort to stay inspired and connected by sharing resources. One of our favorites is SEGD’s Branded Environment talks from industry leaders and professionals around the world. Click this post for Graham’s own talk on designing for the workplace!